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New Generation Security for Advanced Threats Second Generation Security Threats: Targeted, Elusive, Persistent T he enterprise security landscape has shifted dramatically in the past decade. It wasn't so long ago that enterprises were mostly fighting off widespread, highly visible malware attacks perpetrated by young hackers seeking notoriety. The impact of these attacks typically included lost business productivity and temporary reputational damage. Because the threats were so visible and widespread, it was fairly easy for security vendors to crank out software updates to address them. And, because many of these attacks exploited Windows vulnerabilities, most organizations woke up to the need for a viable Windows OS patching strategy. In recent years, enterprises have been plagued with a rapid rise in much more damaging advanced threats, which target specific enterprises or government agencies, contractors or critical infrastructure. Rather than teenagers out for fun and notoriety, perpetrators of advanced threats are more likely to be nefarious elements of organized crime, foreign governments, or others motivated by financial reward, terrorism or the sponsor's enhanced competitive position (see Figure 1, p.3). Now that they have gained an enter- 2 UBM Tech

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