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A Truly Agile Organization A pplying agile to disciplines beyond software isn't an easy, one-step change. There's no clear, simple transition from legacy processes to agile. However, there is agreement that agile principles will improve these processes. As systems grow more complex, with more features and mostly flat budgets, improvements to development processes are needed. Agile can help to meet that need for continuous improvement. By applying agile to systems engineering, you can help to more quickly and accurately refine requirements, produce tests for those requirements, prove designs with working models, increase collaboration with customers and reduce difficulties associated with fixed time and budgets. This avoids nightmare scenarios where integration happens at the end of a project, revealing major problems that can lead to project failure or, at best, derailed timing and degraded financial performance. Instead, agile helps identify changes that are needed earlier in the process, reducing risk sooner and enabling more predictable delivery. 13 UBM Tech Given that agile principles have been proven to work in software development, the time is right to consider their application to systems development. Although it may require cultural and organizational changes, agile can deliver business and technical benefits, helping to achieve continued improvements in quality, productivity and predictability in the face of ever-increasing complexity and market demands. Process improvement is a necessity, and agile delivers the proven results that benefit you, your customers and your business. p [Resources] To learn more about how IBM is defining new approaches to software development that can help you create smarter products, read the following reports: • Accelerating Innovation • Building Smarter Products with Product Development Capabilities from IBM • Applying Agile Principles to the Development of Smarter Products October 2013

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