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Personalization goes far beyond sending messages. It extends to all parts of the company: the website, interactions over the phone, face-to-face communications, email, social media – all channels. In every communication, customers require personalized messaging tailored to their desires, needs, and individual characteristics. Personalization incorporates all customer data, structured and unstructured, inside the firewall and external, to provide a custom message to every customer and lead. Moreover, messages and interactions must be unique and granular, beginning with the initial contact and following up with contacts after the initial purchase, to increase profitability and loyalty. Personalization goes beyond segmenting groups to segmenting individuals. This kind of micro-segmentation identifies each individual customer's preferences, needs, and behaviors. Personalizing offers at that level maximizes marketing campaign dollars and enhances the 16 SSS Internet Evolution customer relationship. For example, neural networks and decision trees can be effectively applied to micro-segmentation. Neural networks uncover complex patterns in types of customers and rank each by scoring their likelihood to respond to a specific offer. Decision trees use branching graphs to portray decisions and their likely outcomes. fraud and counterfeiting. Organizations today analyze less than 1 percent of the vast supply of incoming data. Using big data and analytics, smarter enterprises can change how they work, serve more customers, and enhance the products and services they offer. Get started today. Conclusion Big data and analytics can help businesses deliver on customer needs, acquire customers, increase current customers' profitability, and retain the most valuable customers by keeping them from churning. To achieve those goals, businesses need to deliver personalized, relevant messages driven by the insights derived from big data and analytics. But that's just the beginning of what big data and analytics can do for your organization. It can help you streamline operations, find new sources of revenue, manage risk, and prevent IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping clients innovate. Drawing on a breadth of capabilities and best practices from across IBM and our extensive partner ecosystem, we offer clients within every industry, a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that can help them improve productivity, respond rapidly to the needs of their business and reduce development and operations costs. About IBM , For more information about using Big Data & Analytics to acquire, grow and retain customers visit our website at big-data/us/en/big-data-and-analytics/marketing.html , Learn more on YouTube ibmbigdata , Join in the conversation December 2013

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